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The SG-BOX is an isolation cabinet which allows to do high quality guitar
recordings at high sound
pressure without noise disturbance.

The features:

° Obtain professional, powerful sound by using a real microphone and speaker
   Using a real speaker and microphone results in punchy sounding recordings.

° Extremely effective sound isolation
  22mm thick MDF walls insolates the box from the room. Parabolic rubber feet insolation decouples
  the iso-box from the floor.
  It‘s easy on the ears! Sound reduction of over ca.30dB in your recording environment.

°18mm birch plywood baffle
  The absolute industry standard for bulding professional guitar cabinets.

° Optimized acoustics
  Integrated resonance absorber dramatically improves recording sound quality.

° Record YOUR sound
  Use your own gear and the SG-BOX to record your sound!

° Perfect for recording sessions
  No crosstalk when recording multiple instruments.

° Robust microphone holder
  Your microphone stays where you put it! Extremely solid design will last for years of constant use.

° FRESCU (fire rapid easy speaker change unit)
  Ultra-fast speaker change option allows you to change YOUR sound quickly!

° Bass speaker friendly!
  10“ bass woofers can be mounted with use of optional adapter.

  The Roadbox Stage version allows even greater volume reduction. Well over 40dB!

° Extremely easy to use.
  It‘s Plug and play!

° Handcrafted in Germany


The bottom part of the cabinet provides space for a 12" speaker. Above it, up to two mi-crophones can be attached to the specially designed microphone stand. Your “recording room” is contained within the removable hood.
The robust aluminum microphone stand with a solid knurled grip knob secures heavy microphones and ensures that they stay firmly put. Any position by the speaker is easy to reach and can be precisely set. The microphone stand has 9 fixed positions, allow-ing you to easily recreate any setting that works for you.
Two XLR connectors are provided for the microphone cables - an additional XLR connector can be ordered.

The “recording room”
The extremely small dimensions of the “recording room” contained within the hood of the SG-BOX and the resulting reflections naturally create a different acoustic environment than in a large studio space.
It is nevertheless possible to create a similar environment:
the hood contains a resonance absorber in addition to the acoustic foam, which is effective at suppressing extreme buildup of specific frequencies (room modes). Without this feature, miking at distances of over 3 inches from the speaker would result in significant coloring.

When close miking, the influence of the room is very minimal. When microphones are set up at a greater distance, the resonance absorber significantly reduces standing waves. Nevertheless, comb filter effects lead to frequency buildup and cancellations that can be eq-corrected. This “neutralizes” the sound of the hood.

FRESCU (fire rapid easy speaker change unit)

The FRESCU system makes replacing speakers quickly and easily without tools simple. You can insert different speakers in order to access a variety of sounds:
Simply loosen the hand screws, turn the pins sideways, remove the speakers and unplug the cable. We also provide a set of cables with connectors for three speakers for extremely quick replacement and to avoid damaging the speaker contacts.
FRESCU makes it easy to insert 10" bass speakers. Our bass speakers include with an insert set (reducer ring) for the 12" guitar speaker opening.

Isolation feet:
The isolation feet round out the concept. They ensure that very little structure-borne sound is transferred to the ground by creating an acoustic barrier to the floor.

Dimensions: 32.7” (H) x 17.7” (W) x 16.1” (D) (83x45x41 cm); Weight: 75 lbs (34 kg).

With the addition of a hood road case, the SG-BOX becomes a ROADBOX suitable for use on stage.
This version is useful for musicians and live sound engineers fed up with the high volume of guitar amps cranked to the max on stage.
Especially when paired with an in-ear monitor system, the ROADBOX ensure the perfect volume on stage - players only hear as much guitar as they want and engineers have full control of the signals.
The connector terminal can be accessed even when the case is closed.
This extremely robust and therefore fairly hefty case adds approx. 12 dB in sound level reduction.
Used in the road case, it reduces the sound level by more than 40 dB!

The ROADBOX weighs 154 lbs (70 kg).

Numerous reviews in German music magazines prove the professional standard of the SG-BOX:
An excellent design concept and quality manufacturing make this the right box for pros.


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