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    FATBOX iso cab
  • isolation cabinets

    FATBOX iso cab
  • by GROSSMANN audio

    FATBOX iso cab
  • FATBOX iso cab

iso cabs by Grossmann audio

The GROSSMANN isolation cabinet allows you to do high quality guitar recordings at high sound pressure without noise disturbance.
So you can create with your amp, real speakers and microphones high class Guitar Recordings that reflect your sound authentically.
The Roadbox Stage version allows even greater volume reduction. Well over 40dB!

  • using a real microphone and speaker

    results in punchy sounding recordings.

  • extremely effective sound isolation:

    sound reduction up to 30dB!

  • optimized acoustics:

    improved sound quality.

  • Perfect for recording sessions:

    no crosstalk when recording multiple instruments.

  • and on stage:

    the high volume of guitar amps only inside the SG-BOX

  • easy II use:

    it‘s plug and play!

FATBOX iso cab


      • MDF or solid OAK

        high quality

      • robust microphone holder

        extremely solid design and infinitely adjustable

      • FRESCU fire rapid easy speaker change unit

        speaker change system

      • resonance absorber

        optimized acoustics

      • parabolic rubber feet

        decouple the iso-cab from the floor

      • high class wiring

        Neutrik and Sommer Cable

      • ROADCASE

        for the stage or to reduce up to 40dB!

      The User say:

      Phil Manzanera (ROXY MUSIC)

      “I´m so impressed by the isolation, build quality and the SOUND!”


      “The Grossmann iso cab is the best sounding solution for delivering real deal guitar tones when playing in a low volume environment. It’s a game changer”!

      Rob Harris (Jamiroquai)

      „I’m absolutely loving the GROSSMANN iso cab. I had been using IRs for some time but always had a nagging feeling in my head that i was missing something. My instinct was correct. I’m using the FATBOX daily and it really does help me get my sessions done quicker with much better tone.“

      “The Grossmann silent cabinet gives me the flexibility of a digital guitar rig plug-in, but it’s the real thing and moves air. I have a bunch of classic amps (Vox, Marshall, Fender Twin) and some corky little combos in my studio. With the SG-BOX I can switch around between them quickly. I have three mics installed which let’s me switch or mix different mic characteristics with the swift of a fader.
      The sound is as direct and natural and I can immediately hear what comes through the mics and mic-pres.”