• Construction

    The OAKBOX is an isolation cabinet made of 25mm solid oak and is treated with wax oil. Sound reduction of up to 30 dB is possible (depending on the sound and frequency). The 18mm birch plywood baffle is the absolute industry standard for bulding professional guitar cabinets. The bottom part of the cabinet provides space for a 12″ speaker – with the boxed 10″ adapter is it possible to install 10″ speakers. Above it, up to three microphones can be attached to the specially designed microphone stands. Your “recording room” is contained within the removable hood.
  • The microphone stand

    With the robust microphone holder your microphone stays where you put it! The extremely solid and infinitely adjustable design allows you to choose any position you want and will last for years of constant use.

  • The microphone cable

    The microphone cable is wired with NEUTRIK XLR jacks and plugs. Used in the Grossmann SG-OAKBOX is the Sommer Cable SC-SOURCE MKII HIGHFLEX 2 x 0,25mm – originally this microphone cable was developed for manufacturers of professional studio microphones such as BPM and Schoeps.


  • The recording room

    The extremely small dimensions of the “recording room” contained within the hood of the OAKBOX and the resulting reflections naturally create a different acoustic environment than in a large studio space. The hood contains a resonance absorber in addition to the acoustic foam, which is effective at suppressing extreme buildup of specific frequencies (room modes). Without this feature, miking at distances of over 3 inches from the speaker would result in significant coloring.

  • Felt Seal

    The seal between box and lid is made using robust felt.


    fire rapid easy speaker change unit: the FRESCU system makes replacing speakers quickly and easily without tools simple. You can insert different speakers in order to access a variety of sounds: Simply loosen the hand screws, turn the pins sideways, remove the speakers and unplug the cable. We also provide a set of cables with connectors for three speakers for extremely quick replacement and to avoid damaging the speaker contacts.

  • Bass speaker friendly

    The Grossmann isolation cabinet can also be used with bass speakers.

  • Isolation feet

    The parabolic rubber feet round out the concept. They ensure that very little structure-borne sound is transferred to the ground by creating an acoustic barrier to the floor.

  • Technical specs

    Material: 25mm solid oak (housing) / 18mm birch plywood (baffle)
    Dimensions: (W x H x D): 450 x 840 x 410 mm
    Weight: about 29kg (delivery without speaker).