Der Celestion G12M Greenback ist wohl der bekannsteste Gitarrenlautsprecher überhaupt - dieser Speaker hat Massstaebe gesetzt.

Celestion G12M „Greenback“ 12″ 25W

The legendary british Blues & Rock sound of the 60s & 70s.
Many great guitar solos have been voiced by the G12M Greenback. With the development of Rock and Roll, audience sizes grew and consequently more and more amplification became necessary. Celestion rose to the challenge of designing a loudspeaker which could cope with an increase in power and the G12 series was born. The G12M was the first speaker produced by Celestion to feature a ceramic magnet assembly. Through this, every subtlety of the player?s dynamic style becomes wonderfully articulated. Today, as ever, the Greenback exudes a warmth and woodiness and yet retains the brightness and punch needed to cut through the rest of the band. Ideally suited to a blues-rock style, the Greenback is a must-have speaker for anyone seeking classic tone. When you are looking for a quality unit that will last a lifetime of playing, nothing else compares.
Famously played by Angus Young (AC/DC).
General specifications:
Nominal diameter: 12″
Power Rating: 25 Watt
Frequency range: 75-5000 Hz
Sensitivity: 98 dB
Magnet: Ceramic